Resources for Tesol Educators and Learners

In this post, I decided to create resources for the various proficiencies in English. Speaking Reading 11 Technology Tools for the Reading Classroom Writing Listening Integrating Technology into Listening Skills Development Pronunciation Apps English Accent Coach Duolingo Elsa speak Others

Welcome to Hour of Coding

I have always thought coding to be difficult based on experience, and I vowed never to revisit it. But today, as I watched my instructor take us through coding on, I realized coding is not always that difficult. Hour of Code on is a global initiative to introduce computer science to the masses,Continue reading “Welcome to Hour of Coding”

My Teaching Philosophy

I believe in instruction that promotes active learners. That is, actively engaging students with materials and resources that will promote higher thinking skills. This approach helps students to apply and transfer knowledge, thereby building their learner agency. I believe in multimodal assessment. Examples include songs, role play, drawing, blogs, power point etc. I believe inContinue reading “My Teaching Philosophy”


Fake news has become rampant in today’s media. In that, the media, news reporters, and news sites have become biased in their reportage. News reporters and sites easily mislead and misinform their audience into believing things that are not factual. It has become a canker society is battling with. It is, therefore, important to increaseContinue reading “COMBATING FAKE NEWS”


In this post, I learnt how to make a beaded stretch bracelet. I will be wearing this bracelet most of the time to feel close to home. The three colours I chose for my bracelet represent my country’s national flag. Learning this project was quite simple as I came across a very detailed post onContinue reading “BEADED STRETCH BRACELET”


This digital age has made information accessible to all and sundry. It is very simple to gather information on people without much difficulty once they have a digital identity. It has, therefore, become crucial for people who use the internet one way or the other to model good behaviour. This is because it can makeContinue reading “DIGITAL IDENTITY AND FOOTPRINT”


Language is a key aspect of culture. It is the way we communicate with one another, build relationships and create a sense of community. In Africa, there are over 2000 languages spoken across the continent.  I can only speak 1 out of the many languages. Hence, I decided to learn how to say the simpleContinue reading “HOW TO SAY ‘HELLO’ IN SEVERAL AFRICAN LANGUAGES”

Google Earth: Bringing the World to the Classroom

Sarah shared a post on the technologies she would love to use in her classroom. One that caught my attention was Google Earth as I had no idea what it was. To know more about it, I found a YouTube video that explained it in detail. It also highlighted the various ways it can beContinue reading “Google Earth: Bringing the World to the Classroom”

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