In this post, I learnt how to make a beaded stretch bracelet. I will be wearing this bracelet most of the time to feel close to home. The three colours I chose for my bracelet represent my country’s national flag.

Learning this project was quite simple as I came across a very detailed post on wikiHow and a YouTube video which helped me make my own. This is a step-by-step process.


  • Stretch cord
  • Glass beads
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure


I measured my wrist and cut a stretch cord a few inches longer than my wrist.

I placed tape at one end of my stretch cord to prevent the beads from falling when I put them on it.

I put the glass beads on the stretch cord one after the other until I had the right length. I put the colours according to the order of my national flag- red, yellow, green.

I removed the tape at the end of the stretch cord. I then tied the cord together to prevent the beads from falling off.

I cut off the remaining stretch cord and slid the knot into the closest bead hole to prevent it from showing.  

Thus far, my beaded bracelet is done. I am looking forward to learning another type.  


  1. They are easy to make.
  2. Less costly as it requires few of the beads.
  3. Not time-consuming.


  1. It can easily tear or loosen because of the stretch cord.

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