Language is a key aspect of culture. It is the way we communicate with one another, build relationships and create a sense of community. In Africa, there are over 2000 languages spoken across the continent.  I can only speak 1 out of the many languages. Hence, I decided to learn how to say the simple greeting ‘hello’ in my learning project 6, as a greeting is the first point in most communication. Moreover, being able to greet in different languages can be fun and can open multiple opportunities.

To achieve this objective, I leant from various blog posts and YouTube videos. I realized all the countries have more than a language. Hence, I focused on five of the most prominent languages spoken in the continent. Learning to pronounce the words was fun but a bit challenging. Here is a video of my learning outcome. I do not believe I did justice to South African’s Zulu language.

Here is a short video of my learning.

This is a list of a few more others I looked at.

This was fun for me, and I enjoyed learning all the languages. I know they be handy and rewarding in the near future when I visit some of these countries.

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