The Jollof Brouhaha in West Africa

There is an unending war between Nigeria and Ghana on Jollof. These two West African countries have been arguing for years over whose Jollof tastes better. One may ponder what this Jollof is. It is a popular rice dish in West and Sub-Saharan Africa. Nigerians and Ghanaians both pride themselves on being the best in the making of this dish. I do not know how the war started, but both countries took to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among others), arguing that each serves the best Jollof. The hashtags #GhanaianJollof and #NigerianJollof emerged. Many people have shared their views on the matter and cast their vote in favour of one. Yet, there is still not a clear winner.

In learning project four, I decided to prepare an African food by focusing on the famous Jollof. I focus mainly on Nigerian Jollof as I am Ghanaian. I believe trying out the Nigerian Jollof can help me to make my judgement on the brouhaha. To achieve this, I looked at various resources; blog posts, Facebook videos and YouTube videos and I liked the YouTube videos the most. I followed every single step in this video below to make my Nigerian Jollof.

I like how short this video is yet detailed. It helped me come up with my own Nigerian Jollof. Although I followed the steps in the video, I did not achieve the results I set out to achieve, which is a different taste. I believe the method is slightly similar to the Ghanaian method, and the rice I used was not long-grain rice. I will test a different method and a bowl of long-grain rice as described in other videos. I believe that will bring about the difference. For now, I cannot make a better comparison. I will save my judgement for another time, as this is what I achieved.

I found a blog that confirmed my suspicions. It states that the main difference between Ghana Jollof and Nigerian Jollof is the type of rice used. But since I do not own the long-grain rice, I substituted it with Jasmine rice. Hence, the results I had.

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