I have come across many tools and apps for making videos. One I found most interesting is the movavie video editor.


Movavie video editor is a simple and efficient tool for making videos. It has simple features that are easy to understand, and it gives room for the creation of longer and shorter videos. It allows editors to embed text (any font size, style and colour) in their videos. It also has music and voice recording options. There are multiple options to choose from – introduction video, text, music, or closing video. I wish the creators would give room for editors to upload the music they want. Besides that, I had fun exploring this tool.

Basic instructions for using the tool

First, upload all the images or videos needed by clicking on file import, then add files. Select and drag them to the bottom of the page.

All the imported files will be saved automatically in a media bin, and you can select them at any time to make a video.

You can create an opening and title video by clicking on the text option, then opening as shown in the image below. Proceed to drag the titles you prefer to the bottom.

Add music from the options available. Then drag it to the bottom of the page. You can add more than one music at a time.

Select a text from the options and drag it to the bottom. Place the text on top of the image you want the text to have.

This is how the bottom of the page will look like after you have dragged and arranged everything.

How to use this tool in the classroom

It can be used for many forms of activities. For example, a teacher can create interactive lecture or video presentations with this tool as it has the auditory and visual component, which is perfect for classroom activities. It can also be used to support reading activities and previously unimagined task activities in the classroom. Hence, it fits perfectly into the SAMR model.


Here is a sample of an educative video I created with the aid of movavie video editor.

4 thoughts on “MOVIE OR MOVAVIE?

  1. Hello Linda. This is a great tool it looks very similar to iMovie which I have used lots to create different videos for projects. This resource seems to have many different options so you can make it fit your needs. I also liked how you provided a step by step break down of your process to make it easy for me to examine all the features. Great resource thanks for sharing.


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  2. Hey Linda, I really enjoyed your finished project!! I did something similar for my blog but I choose Hd Movie Maker Pro. However Movavie seems like a good tool as well. I really like the different style of titles, Hd Movie Maker does not have that. I appreciate how you included ways it could be used in the classroom, I agree it can be beneficial for lectures. Thanks for sharing this great tool!


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