Twitter as an educational tool

One thing that comes to mind anytime I hear of Twitter is another social media platform for all the chitchat. I have had a couple of Twitter accounts in the past but deactivated them because I did not find them interesting. I did not understand how it worked, and it was not easy getting people to follow me. I guess I was not doing something right. I created another account in 2020 but left it at that until May 2021.

My EDTC300 instructor introduced twitter in class as an educational tool that both teachers and students can explore for teaching and learning. She further emphasized how students and teachers can both get access to educational resources and important links. In addition, it is also easy to subscribe to significant hashtags that are of interest. This, therefore, allows one to follow and partake in relevant issues discussed on the platform.

This new information about Twitter was so good that I immediately revisited my account. I quickly made the necessary changes and got hooked on it. I have learnt a lot within these past few days, and because I have the right profile now, I have the right people following back. I also have access to numerous resources which are of relevance.

An exciting aspect of it is networking through hashtags. So, my instructor once again introduced the class to Tweetdeck, which I was not familiar with, but it was very simple to navigate. Through Tweetdeck, I got the opportunity to engage in a meaningful discussion on Twitter with Saskatchewan educators and my course mates through through the hashtag SaskeDChat. I had the opportunity to make friends and read insightful comments. It was a great and first experience for me, and I found it very efficient and interactive.

I will definitely use Twitter with my students in future. #Twitter #EDTC300 #Tweetdeck #SaskeDChat #Edtec

One thought on “Twitter as an educational tool

  1. Glad to hear you find it finally useful, I do agree with you that we got lots of good information in this class with katia as to be honest I was not familiar with them before!

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