Feedly: The News Aggregator

Can learning get more fun and simplified? I am amazed at the number of learning tools available in recent times, and I am thrilled I joined EDTC300 because it has broadened my scope on technology in education. EDTC300 has introduced me to various websites and apps within the shortest time, and the most recent is Feedly.

Feedly is one of the best news aggregators, as it is a great place to obtain online sources. I signed up today, and I am super excited because I no longer need to worry my head over where to gather information.

In Feedly, content is very important. It allows users to follow sources that are of their interest to create their content. I used two criteria in selecting the news for my content. First, I used the featured topics like education and technology to find content to follow. Then, I used keywords like edtech to find more feed. I chose these topics because they are relatable and of interest to me.

Based on my content, I have access to numerous articles, blogs and other sources that are of relevance. One source that caught my attention is EdTech Magazine: K-12. It is an education technology website for K-12 students. It has several relevant educational blog posts on teachers, students and technology. There is a post that discusses tools to support instructors return in the classroom, how to protect information from cyberattacks, how special education teachers also turned to digital tools and technology in the pandemic, among others. You can click on the hyperlink to check it out. It is really informative and has great topics.

The articles under the topic ‘classroom’ is of interest and it aligns with what I am studying in my EDTC300 class. I am happy to have signed up.

Welcome to my Feedly

Photo of my Feedly page. 2021

2 thoughts on “Feedly: The News Aggregator

  1. Thank you for sharing this! Feedly has been a game changer as a future educator and I think everyone in the field should be signed up for this. As educators, it’s important to stay up to date on the latest and greatest and connect with other teachers. I will have to take a look at EdTech Magazine, I didn’t stumble upon that one when I was looking!

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