The second-largest continent

Let us take a trip to the second-largest continent, Africa.

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I have been in Canada for sixteen months, and I like how diverse it is as I learn something new from the people I interact with daily. In my dialogues, a recurring question that has been posed to me by different people is  

“Is Africa a country?”

I am fascinated by the number of times I have been asked the above question, and it is for this reason that I want to take us on a journey to the second-largest and second populous continent in the world, Africa

My posts seek to highlight African culture. That is the people, food, music, dance, language, and fashion in my learning project. I will support my write-ups with links, videos and images to make the posts fun and thrilling. I am excited about this project as it is a learning process for me too.

I hope you find my posts intriguing to the point that the journey becomes a reality.

4 thoughts on “The second-largest continent

  1. Linda, I love your idea! Excuse my judgment but that blows my mind how people have asked you if Africa was a country? I can see how that would fuel you to educate the public not only on your country of origin, but your personal heritage. I enjoy going on this journey you’re leading us on to learn about Africa’s culture, food, music, dance, and especially the people from your perspective. Thank you for this!

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  2. Yeboah, What an interesting project! Africa is certainly rich in many ways. I am excited to follow you and your journey of further exploration of this great continent! I hope to see you prepare some of their foods! And please include pictures of their parties (esp. weddings!).

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